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Water Treatment Benefits in St Charles, Illinois

Water Options is a locally-owned company that has offered products and services to address everyone's water needs for over 20 years.

Hard water can be tough on your body, your clothes, and your appliances. The calcium and magnesium found in hard water can cause mineral deposits on your household appliances, causing them to not work as well, or even stop them from working entirely. Pipes can even become clogged from a buildup of the mineral deposits.

The hardness of the minerals in the water can cause your clothes to feel scratchy due to the interaction between the minerals of the water, and the soil particles gathered whenever you go outside. The continuous washing of clothes in hard water even shortens the life of your clothes and make them lose their durability.

Bathing is also an issue when you have hard water. The residue caused by the mixture of hard water and soap can irritate your skin, prevent removal of bacteria on your skin, and cause your hair to become dull and difficult to manage.

So call Water Options today to install any of our water purification systems or our water softeners to ensure that you no longer have to worry about the state of your body, clothes, or appliances.
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Countless Benefits

Water makes up almost 75% of your body, and it is absolutely necessary for your overall health.

It is a commonly known fact that you should be drinking eight or more glasses of water a day, but more importantly is that you should be drinking water of the highest quality.

Tap water available in municipal areas has been processed and disinfected. However, it is purified with chlorine and generally has fluoride added to it as well. While these products do disinfect, and are helpful in dental health, there are questions concerning ingesting them into your body.

Also, don't be fooled by refrigerator filters, these are simply carbon blocks that improve the taste and odor of the water and works great for ice cubes, but falls short in quality compared to bottled water.

Water Options bottled water has been treated to remove all particles pollutants, and minerals. The result is pure, safe, and great tasting water
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